Micro Financing Programs:

This program has three components.

1) Interest free loan for establishment of small business :

This is scheme was launched in October 2010. Through this scheme we wanted to help the people to establish their own business and be useful earning members of the family.

It could not get off due to provision of some kind of surety by the recepints. Those who wanted to get loan could not provide surety in kind. 

For this we ask them to deposit guarantee through ornaments that every household has. On payment back of the loan that will be returned to them. Those who really need the help will give guarantee like that. Most want loan on personal guarantee of the other villager. That will not work. We do not have time to go after the defaulters or get into litigations.

2) Technical Training of young people in a trade for employment :

Under this program we are getting young jobless trained in a trade, so that they can earn their livelihood. Under this scheme 11 young boys have been trained in trades like airconditioning mechanic, Plumber, electritian, steel fixer and computers. 

3) Grafting of wild Olive Tree of people with good quality olives :

There are Thousands of wild olive trees in our area of activities. We are getting those grafted with good quality olive. About 2000 trees have been grafted and about 1000 will be grafted in each season. This will generate permanent source of income for the rural area and boost the economy there. We hope to develop interest of the local people whom we will motivate to partipate in this program.

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