Goats for Widows :

The goats give birth to one or two goats every year. The new born starts producing in two years time. Thus these multiply very rapidly and are beneficial to the economic well being of the very poor segment of society where these can be kept and looked after. In hilly areas where there are vast opportunity to graze the goats it has proved to be very successful. Apart from getting pure milk for the family these fetch them handsome money. The idea came to me when on a tour of these areas I was told by a man that he started with 2 goats 10 years back now has 25 goats and has already sold out 12 male goats during this time to meet his other expenses. 

Each goat gives 2 or 3 kids every year and the new born start producing after two years. Thus rearing of goats is very economical and profitable where there is abundant free fodder like in jungles.

Rozgar Scheme through Goats.

  1. In first phase 655 widows were given one goat each
  2. In second phase we gave 4 goats to 82 families in Thar Desert areas and three goats to 12 families in KPK.
  3. 27 families were given 2 goats each in next phase.
  4. In 29 more families were given 2 goats with 2 child goats in Thar Desert areas during 2020
  5. 25 more widows were given one goat plus a child goat in North in 2020.

Total no of Goats distributed till 01 March 2020 are 1156.

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