Water supply schemes :

While traveling in remote hilly areas, I happened to come across a trail of women going up on a very difficult terrain with water pitchers on their heads. Every morning and evening these women travel 1Kms on steep mountain path to reach the riverbed where water is available. They travel back on steep mountains path with this heavy load on their heads. Thus for every pitcher of water these women have to walk 2 km on hilly terrains. This is part of daily duty of women while the men attend the fields and other outside works of the household.

This is a beautiful valley not far off from Islamabad. Towering mountains bound the valley on sides laced with pine trees and a river flowing down under. In spite of the beauty of the area, people are living in great agony and pains due to non-existence of resources. It is like a paradise in pain. Due to paucity of funds/resources they cannot improve their living. They have been waiting for govt. attention for decades and hardly any was coming.

With the help of family members and friends, "Pravalli welfare trust" was established. (Pravalli means "brotherhood" in local language). Welfare activity is spread over 25 villages and we intend to extend it to more areas. With the help benevolent, kind and generous people who care for the fellow human beings we have been able to complete following water supply schemes.

People donate a water supply schemes in memory and for Esal-e-Sawab of their parents and loved one. We place plague for this purpose at the water supply scheme sponsored for this purpose.

Details of Schemes completed till 01 Jan 2021

In KPK District Abbottabad + Haripur = 692

In Sind Small other than desert areas. = 660

In Desert Areas + Tharparkar = 507

In Baluchistan = 25

DG Khan + Rajanpur in Punjab = 39


Total water Schemes completed in 20 years = 1962


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