Education of Children in Thar desert area

There are vast stretches in Rural Sind where children have no schools to go in 5/7 Km radius. At places school buildings are available but teachers have not been provided. Generations after generations are illiterate in these areas. We are providing teachers in those localities where more than 50 children are roaming around wasting their time. In 5 Tehsils of Thar namely Islamkot, Deplo, Nangar Parkar, Chhachhro, Kohli and Khipro of Sanghar, we have opened 20 schools. Each school has 50 to 80 children. It will be a great service to humanity if you can help us in bearing cost of one school for a year. Cost is Rs. 10,000 per month per school, out of which Rs. 8000 is pay of teacher. If we do not act then this generation will also remain illiterate as have been their previous generations. We provide them a teacher and other utilities. Building/ hut for school is provided by the villagers. Each school is dedicated to the donor with his name on banner.

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