Education of Children in Thar desert area

There are vast stretches in Thar desert area and rural Sind where children have no schools to go in 5/10 Km radius. At places Govt. school buildings are available but teachers have not been provided. Generation after generation are illiterate in these areas. We have started Twenty one (21) schools, in which 1270 children are now studying. These are in five Tehsils of Thar namely Islamkot, Mithi, Nangar Parkar, Deplo, Chhachhro and Khipro. Each school has 45 to 110 children. We intended to open 10 schools this year (2019) and 10 next year but God fearing people who believed in Huminity came forward and we are about to comple two years target in one year. It will be a great service to humanity if you can help us in bearing cost of one school for a year. Cost is Rs. 10,000 per month but should contribute on 6 monthly basis, if not on yearly basis, for ease of account keeping. We pay Rs. 8000 to teacher but will increase it gradually. Photos of the all schools with banners having names of Donors have been sent to them.


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