School education for orphans & poor children :

Initially we started this program by paying stipends to orphan children for education with out asking questions. In this program about 200 students were given scholarship for 2 years on 6 monthly bases. Then we started to give test to see if these children were progressing in their studies. To our horror the standard was very low. Hardly any one passed.

Then we modified our program and started a scholarship test for all students of hilly areas. Initially the schools will select 2 children from each class for the competition. We will then test selected children through a written test. Those who passed were given scholarship for one year. They were given similar test next year again. This remained in place for 5 years. This initially went well but then we noticed that there was no progress and we were doling money to those who scored only 20 % marks in our test.

Now we have decided to open our own schools to impart quality education. The schools that were opened are:

Hamdard School for Slums children In Rawalpindi/Islamabad.
We started a school for city slums children on, June 10 2013, who were collecting garbage or loitering around or working in hotels/shops or with mechanics. The best suited place for this was in Pir-Widhai in Rawalpindi, poorest locality near Rawalpindi and Islamabad. New batches of 40 students have been enrolled and they seem to be interested in formal education. Education is free with free books and stationary. We are in the process to make it formal school for deprived children up to 5th class and keep no of children up to 50 at one time. This school is sponsored by a Lady doctor in Canada. Allah’s blessing be on her and her family for this act of kindness to deprived segment of society back home.

Pravalli Model School (English Medium) Massah Sayyedan.
This school was sponsored for 5 years to provide quality education to children of this village. The no of students had reached 50 in classes from Nursery to 5th class. The education was free. This was sponsored by Dr Osman Ahmad Dar & Dr Mrs Munawar Dar. We have now made it to run its own by charging fee.

Pravalli Model for girls Kangrotar.
Girls were taken off from school after primary education due to non availability of a Middle school in this area. We operated a Middle school for girls from 2005 till 2013 with free education. Due to this school many girls have completed education up to Matric. The school has gained the foothold and is now providing education to girls from 1st to 10th class on its own. People are now financing their children education themselves.

Pravalli Model for girls Mairlan.
This school was also established with the same purpose and we ran it for 5 years. After establishment of Govt school, in that locality, this was closed.


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