Donors for Orphans School Education:

1. Our Two schools are financed by Bazm Tolu-e-Islam London and one is financed by Mr Osman Ahmad Dar from London.

2) List of donors, who were supporting 200 orphans for education. This program is in progress for the last 4 years, in which we give each orphan child Rs. 200 per month. Now 140 orphans and poor students are being supported since initial money, for 160 students, sent by donors for 4 years have been spent. We will add more of orphans/poor students when we get more donors for this program. Missing serial no is for those whose 4 years scholarship money have been spent.

Serial noOrganization/Individual Supporting the OrphanNo of Children Supported
      1       Raasta Foundation11
      2       The Lady Fatemah (a.s.) trust50
      3       Contact Pakistan 42
      5       Anonymous210
      6       Dr OsmanDar9
      11       Mrs Kaneez Karmally 6
      13       Ananymous4 asogdc5
      14       Brig Asghar Saghir5
      18       Sq Ldr Ghulam Sarwar1
      21       Mr Osman Ipek2
      22       Mr Tahir Rasul2
      24       Anonymous3 Canada3
      25       Anonymous14
      26       Anany6 Canada2
      28       Bazm Tolu-e-Islam London4
      29       Anany5CanadaRA2
      30       Maj Inayat1
      31       Ananymous12
      32       Ananymous, GKM1
      33       Mr Jamal Ahmad Siddiqui2
      34       Anonymous7FSA3
      35       AnonymousMA2
      36       Mr Asad Zaman3
      37       Mr Gulfraz1
      38       AnonymousAS4
      39       Anonymous6SJA3
      40       Syed Wajid Tanwir1
      41       AnonymousGKM1
      42       Gen Afzal Samad1
      43       Leo_leader1
      44       Murat Sivaslioglu1
      45       Mr Ijaz Akhtar1
      46       Ms. Esra (Germany)1
      47       Anonymous (Germany)1

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