Pravalli (Bhai Chara) welfare Trust (23rd year of service to humanity)

Newsletter October 2023

1. Flood Relief… Houses for displaced families

We started this program thinking that we will be able to construct about 100 houses. But with the overwhelming support of our brothers and sisters we have completed 433 one room houses and handed those over to the families and work on 10 more is in progress. We hope to complete about 500 houses by end of year In Sha Allah.

2. Water supply Schemes

During this year we completed 358 water schemes. In year 2022 completed 317 water supply schemes. In total 3069 schemes have been completed in the last 23 years. These are spread all over Sind, Baluchistan, KPK and Punjab.

3. Education in Thar and Baluchistan

Pravalli Trust is running 15 schools in Thar areas with free education. 13 more schools are working in Baluchistan giving free education. Total 28 schools with free education. We are increasing pay of teachers to Rs. 12000 per month. Cost of school is Rs. 12000 which is salary of teacher only. Rest expenditures are paid by the trust.

4 Helping most vulnerable with small Monthly Help.

In this scheme about 60 widows and poor are being helped on monthly basis. Till last month Rs. 5000 were given to them via easy paisa in their account but due to some financial constraints this month Rs. 4000 were sent to each of them.

5. Karobar.

61 people were helped to start their own business.

6. Agriculture with Solar Pumps in Thar Desert areas.

21 schemes completed this year. Total schemes completed so far are 315. Out of these 207 were donated by Lady Fatima charitable Trust and 23 by Sumar Lakhani Foundation/ RRAI. 10 more of LFT are under execution.

7. Rozgar Scheme for widows and invalid with Goats

3008 goats have been given to widows and destitute so far. Lady Fatima trust gave 400 goats with 400 child goats among 100 widows in 2021. Last year again they gave 400 goats with child goats to 100 families. Forgotten women UK are also giving 5+5 goats to 30 families.

8. Adopt a Widow & her Children. Send money directly to her account

You can help widows by sending money directly to widow’s bank account.

Till today 132 adoptions have been made. Donors send money directly to the accounts of the widows. We only indicate the deserving widows to them.

9. Roshan Thar

People are living in darkness even today in Thar Desert areas. With the help of our worthy donors a total of 1330 Huts of poor people were electrified in Thar with solar electricity so far. There is no electricity in those areas and none is expected in next many years.

10. Ramzan Package for widows and poor

This year we distributed Ramzan package among 1480 flood effected families in Sind, Baluchistan and in some district of Punjab only. Each family will be given Rs. 10,000.

11. Trees Plantation.

We have planted more than 14,000 trees in Sind and Baluchistan during July/ August. In spring season 1850 trees were planted in Northern areas of KPK. In year 2022 18,160 trees were planted in Thar and other areas of Sind and Jafar Abad in Baluchistan and KPK. In total 49,850 fruit/ other trees were distributed in last many years.

12. Tricycles and Wheel chairs.

651 tricycles/ wheel chairs were given to invalids till to-date. These help them to get from one place to another respectably instead of dragging themselves on ground.

13. Distribution of Sewing Machines/ Training Centers.

Total no of sewing machines distributed till now are 582. We are also running 10 Sewing center in which 140 women are being trained in stitching clothes. This helps widows to sustain themselves by stitching clothes of people on payment.

14. Help in marriage of orphan girls

Till now 810 orphan girls have been helped on behalf of our worthy donors. Max help that we offer is Rs. 30,000.

15. Toilets for poor families

Forgotten women Trust has started this program through us in Pakistan. 62 Toilets have been made so far for most poor families in Thar Desert areas.

16. Child Care scheme

Through the efforts of S. Nazim Ali from USA, child care centers have started working in Hyderabad areas in Sind. 28 camps have been organized in which pregnant women are seen and advised.

17. Training

We are running 10 sewing centers to train ladies in stitching of clothes and two computer centers to train boys and girls in computers handling. In addition we trained 97 boys in AC/fridge repairs, 53 as Electricians, 11 as Motor cycle mechanic, 39 in computer, 62 as plumbers and 40 as Auto Electricians. We have two computer centers running. One in Khipro, Sanghar in which 36 boys and 18 girls learnt computer handling and second in Hydarabad in which 18 boys and 12 girls learnt computer.

Col Mushtaq Ahmad (R)

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

(‘’Pravalli’’ is pothohari language word, spoken around Islamabad, meaning ‘’brotherhood’’)

These works are being done through donation. My contribution is almost nil. I am only a facilitator. Allah’s blessings be on donors. We do not have trust office/ transport or employees to ensure that max of donations reach the needy.  

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