Micro Financing Programs: Updated Jan 2020.

This program has four components.

1) Interest free loan for establishment of small businesses (Rozgar Schemes):

We have launched this program in Sindh and Rawalpindi. We pay loan to the poor jobless people to establish their business. The amount disbursed to each person is Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000. With this money they can start Sabzi shop or karyana store, Milk selling point, Donkey Cart, buy cart to sell stores and earn money to make a living. They are asked to pay back this amount in easy instalments so that the money can be given to other needy. A total of 37 families have been helped so far.

2) Plantation of Fruit trees in villages:

In year 2013 we stated this program. We give fruit trees like Apricot (Khubani), Plumb (Alu Bokhara), Peach (Aaru) Lemon, Guava (Amrud), Pomegrate (Anar) and Anjir (Fig –Japanese Fruit) to the farmers of 9 villages. This will certainly help them financially when these trees mature in 4/5 years. We distribute trees every year through this scheme. Till now 11,980 trees have been planted.

3) Technical Training of young people in a trade for employment:

Under this program we are getting young jobless men trained in a trade, so that they can earn their livelihood. Under this scheme young boys have been trained in trades like AC mechanic, Plumber, electrician, Motor cycle Mech and computers operators. Two computer centres in Khipro Sind and Mirpur Khas are training boys and girls. Till now 322 boys and girls have been trained.  

4) Pravalli Women sewing Centres.

  1. Our Two centres in Pind Jatla and Dhoke Sydan in Rawalpindi. Have trained 348 girls in stitching clothes. 18 more girls are under training
  2. In our three centres in Sind 166 girls have learnt this art of stitching clothes.
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