Fields of Activities (Updated Jan 2020):

Following are the fields in which Pravalli Welfare trust is working in poor rural hilly areas for the betterment of the masses in Northen Hilly areas and Thar desert areas. Pravalli mean brotherhood.

1) Clean Drinking Water: 

This sector requires lot of work to be done. This is major sector of our activity. In the hilly area girls/women have to travel on the hills for many Kms to fetch a pitcher of water. In doing this they spend 30 % of their time and 60 % of their energies. Same is the case in Thar desert areas. Till now we completed 1623 water supply schemes; Out of these 1029 were made in Sind including 416 in Thar Desert areas ------ having acute shortage of water. Some Water Supply Schemes are donated by donors for the Esal-e-Sawab of their parents and dear ones. 

2) Agriculture with the help of Solar Pumps.

Thar Desert area does not get rains for 2 to 3 years at a stretch. This cycle continues after every 2/3 years. People have to pass through great difficulties due to draught that causes wide spread famine both for human and animals. Solar pump can fetch underground water and irrigate two and more Acres of land to produce 80 Maunds or more grain and vegetables. We are giving this facility to poor folks. Up till now 32 Solar Farms have been given to poor folks in Thar desert areas.

3) Schools in Thar.

There are many areas in Thar Desert and rural Sind where children have no schools to go in 5/10 Km radius. At places Govt. school buildings are available but teachers have not been posted. Generation after generation are illiterate in these areas. We have started twenty two (22) schools, in which 1,480 children are now studying. These are in five Tehsils of Thar namely Islamkot, Nangar Parkar, Deplo, Chhachhro and Khipro. Each school has 45 to 110 children. We initially intended to open 10 schools in 2019 and 10 next year but God fearing people who believed in Humanity came forward and we have completed two years target in one year. It will be a great service to humanity if you can help us in bearing cost of one school for a year. Cost is Rs. 10,000 per month but donors should contribute on 6 monthly basis, if not on yearly basis for ease of account keeping. We pay Rs. 8000 to teacher but will increase pay gradually

4) Help of widows through Goats.

The goats give birth to two to three kids every year. The new born starts producing in two years time. Thus these multiply very rapidly and are beneficial to the economic well being of the very poor segment of society where these can be kept and looked after. In hilly areas and desert areas where there are vast opportunity to graze the goats it has proved to be very successful. Apart from getting pure milk for the family these fetch them handsome money. We have given goats to 1207 widows till now all over Pakistan.  We also give 4 goats to some widows/ poor families, so that they become financially self-sufficient quickly. Till now 74 families have been helped under this program.

5) Wedding of orphan girls 

Marriages of daughters for financially hard pressed poor widow is a great burden. Initially we started this program both for orphan and poor. But it is very difficult to distinguish who is poor when all start claiming their right for donation. Therefore we have restricted it to orphan girls only. We give Rs. 30,000 to each orphan girls in North and as per their requirement in Sind. Till now 552 Girls have been helped under this program. It is paltry amount when we see only photography session of ‘’Haves’’ costs about Rs. 100,000 

6) House construction for poor/ widows.

In hilly areas roof of houses of poor people are made of wooden planks and mud on top of them. After few years wood gets weak and due to weight of earth it collapses. Some of poor and widows cannot make new roof and get displaced. Through courtesy of friends we are helping in getting these fallen houses with tin roof. 15 families have been helped so far.

7) Training of young people in technical trade. 

There are hundreds of young boys in villages without job. We have started their training program in a technical trade so that they can earn their livelihood. The social fiber of the rural areas has deteriorated to great extent. Violence and petty crimes/thefts have become norm in these areas. This needs to be addressed. In all of our 22 courses completed so far, 97 boys have been trained in AC/fridge repairs, 53 as Electricians, 11 as Motor cycle mechanic, 24 in computer, 62 as plumbers and 40 as Auto Electricians. A total of 287 young boys and girls were given training to be useful members of society and to earn for their families.

8) Medical camp. 

Medical camp in remote hilly areas have been started that provide medical help and free medicines to the poor people who cannot afford to go to hospital due to financial constraints. 102 Camps are held till now in which 9,359 patients were given free medicines since 2012.

9) Trees distribution/Plantation. 

We started this Fruit trees plantation program in 2013 and a total 11,310 fruit trees were distributed in this period and 3000 wild olive trees grafted with good quality olive branches. We have distributed fruit trees among farmers in villages hilly areas and in Thar/ sind.

10. Ramzan Package.

In Ramazan we reach out to the widows in Hilly areas and Thar Desert areas to mitigate their sufferings in the holy month. Last year through generous contribution we were able to reach out to 1,860 widows and destitute.

11. Women Sewing Centers.

We are running five Sewing centers, two in Rawalpindi and three in sind. Till now 348 girls/ women have completed training successfully.

12. Roshan Thar Scheme.

There are wide stretches where there is no electricity and no roads in Thar. We do not expect it to be electrified for the next 20 years seeing the availability of electricity in the country and performance of the successive Govts in Sind. We launched ‘’Roshan Thar” scheme to provide each house with three solar light bulbs. It will have capacity to run a fan as well but the fan will be purchased by the people themselves. We started this program by providing this facility to widows and very poor households. Total no houses given Solar Electricity has reached 81.

13. Rozgar Scheme for jobless with qarz-e-Hasna.

32 people were given interest free loans. Out of these 20 are in Sind and 12 in Rawalpindi & Abbottabad districts. They have started their own business. The recovery from some has become slow; we are perusing them to pay back the remaining amount early.

14.  Distribution of Sewing Machines & wheel chairs.

A total of 51 widows/orphans were given sewing machines. In addition 19 Wheel chairs were given to invalids till now.

Pravalli Welfare Trust is registered NGO. 

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