College Edn for needy : Updated Sept 2016

Some of the bright poor and orphan students drop out after Matric due to financial constraints. In our this program we give financial assistance to needy students who secure 60% marks in Matric exam. We conduct a scholarship test and select needy students for award of scholarship. 15 to 20 students are selected for this scholarship every year. The donor is given full contact details of the student he is supporting. He can communicate with him/her. In this way the donors will be in touch with the students and will keep watch on their progress. We hope that many people will come forward and support at least one student. First batch of students was selected in July 2005 for award of Scholarships. This program is working very well. Some of our supported children are in engineering, BCS, Business administration and Medical colleges.

Scholarships for Talented Poor Students :

We started this program in 2005. We call all the poor boys and girls who passed Matric from Govt High schools and all orphans with 60 % marks for a test. The needy, who pass our test are given scholarships for F.Sc @ of Rs. 1,000 per month for 2 years. This ensures that no one is left out due to paucity of funds.
Donors have to pay one time Rs 24,000 for each student.

Two of our students from 2013 batch got admission in Govt Medical college and they are being supported there as well.

Those who get admission in Engineering or Medical college are also supported.

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