About Us:

20 years back while traveling in remote hilly areas, we happened to come across a trail of women going up on a very difficult terrain with water pitchers on their heads. Every morning and evening these women travelled 1Kms on steep mountain path to reach the riverbed where water was available. They travelled back on steep mountains path with this heavy load on their heads. Thus for every pitcher of water these women have to walk 2 km on hilly terrains. Provision of water for family took 80% of the energy of women and 40 % of their working time. This was part of daily duty of women while the men attend the fields and other outside works of the household. Seeing that we decided to help out these folks. There the idea was born and we started a journey that has lasted over the last 14 years and we are still striving to help the needy in many more ways. 

Due to paucity of funds/resources people in far off areas cannot improve their living. They have been waiting for Govt. attention for decades and hardly any was coming. 

With the help of family members and friends, “Pravalli welfare trust” was established. (Pravalli means “brotherhood” in local language). Welfare activity was initially spread over 25 villages in district Abbottabad. We are thankful to benevolent unknown brothers and sisters whit whose help we have been able to sustain this program. Jazak Allah. We have now started works in Thar desert area, and other parts of Sind as well. 

We do not have any permanent employees or transport or office. This reduces cost and enables us to spent maximum on the project itself instead of administrative levy. Our all works are run voluntarily by the people for whom these works are undertaking. I am young man of 68, presently teaching in a local university for my sustenance. I undertake these projects as a pass time and hobby. I graduated as Electrical Engineer from Peshawar Univ in 1968. Did my Masters in 1980. Served in Army for 27 years. Now I am serving as Asst professor for the last 12 years in Engineering Department of a University In Rawalpindi. 

We ensure 100 % transparency to the donors. They can visit the scheme that they sponsor and can be in communication with the people for whom the project/ scheme have been executed. Plate bearing donor's name is placed on the work, with whose money the work is executed. They can talk and meet the widow they support or child whose education they sponsor.


Please find opposit two books. When you click on the one you like, the book will open up. On top of the book is a link that allows you to download it. You can download and save the same. These are in PDF format.

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