Introduction :

People generally are living in different parts of Pakistan lacking basic amenities of life, in poverty and pains. Due to lack of resources and backwardness they lack collective thinking and have not been able to cater for basic needs for collective good. Everybody keeps looking towards successive governments for development works.

"Pravalli Welfare Trust" has undertaken to instil habit of "self - help" in the masses by helping them to indicate, organize & execute development works on their own. Pravalli helps them financially by providing them with 70-100 % funds depending on the financial outlay. Pravalli means, Brotherhood in local language of Rawalpindi and Abbottabad. Our area of works is extended from district Abbottabad in KPK Province to Sindh Province.


Pravalli welfare trust was established in 2001. It is a registered trust that has completed a large number of schemes in this period. Its programs include the following:--

1. Water Supply schemes.

A total of 1594 Schemes have been completed in the last 19 years. Out of these 1005 were made in Sind including 392 in Thar desert areas. In Thar desert area which is far away from cities it costs Rs. 66,000. In Thar area that is nearby it costs 55,000. In North in hilly areas it costs for pumping scheme from water pit/ chashma to houses on higher ground it costs about Rs. 40,000 to 45,000. For Hand Pump in Northern areas we ask people to bear the cost of the bore and rest of equipment will be given to them. Bore is expensive here due to rocky soil. Our share cost is about Rs.55000.

2. Agriculture with the help of solar Pumps.

Thar Desert area does not get rains for 2 to 3 years at a stretch. This cycle continues after every 2/3 years. People have to pass through great difficulties due to draught that causes wide spread famine both for human and animals. Solar pump can fetch underground water and irrigate two and more Acres of land to produce 80 Maunds or more grain and vegetables. We are giving this facility to poor folks. Up till now 30 Solar Farms have been given to poor folks in Thar desert areas. It costs about Rs. 110,000 on average for each scheme.

3. Schools in Thar.

There are many areas in Thar Desert and rural Sind where children have no schools to go in 5/10 Km radius. At places Govt. school buildings are available but teachers have not been posted. Generation after generation are illiterate in these areas. We have started twenty two (22) schools, in which 1,480 children are now studying. These are in five Tehsils of Thar namely Islamkot, Nangar Parkar, Deplo, Chhachhro and Khipro. Each school has 45 to 110 children. We initially intended to open 10 schools in 2019 and 10 next year but God fearing people who believed in Humanity came forward and we have completed two years target in one year. It will be a great service to humanity if you can help us in bearing cost of one school for a year. Cost is Rs. 10,000 per month but donors should contribute on 6 monthly basis, if not on yearly basis for ease of account keeping. We pay Rs. 8000 to teacher but will increase pay gradually

4. Goats for widows/ Poor

One Goat costs about Rs. 20,000

5. Roshan Thar Scheme.

To illuminate house with solar electricity in Thar. It costs Rs. 14,000.

6. Technical Training of a jobless young man.

Rs. 6,000 for one month technical course. 12,000 for two months technical course of own liking.

7.Trees Plantation.

Provision of fruit trees at the doorstep of farmers for Rs. 90 per trees

8.Rozgar Scheme.

Help to poor people to establish their own business through Rozgar scheme. Helped with Rs. 30,000 to 50,000,

9.Help in Construction of houses

Given to widows and poor if their mud houses have fallen. Rs. 60,000 for roof in hilly areas.

10.Distribution of Shoes

Cost of each pair of shoes for bare footed in Thar area is about Rs. 300.

11.Distribution of sewing Machines and Wheel Chairs.

The cost is around Rs. 12,000 for a wheelchair and Rs. 7000 for a sewing machine.

12.Marriage of poor orphan Girl.

Rs. 30,000 in North and as per requirement in Sind.

13.Ramzan package for widows in Ramzan.

Provision of cash Rs. 5,000 to each family to buy commodities according to their own choice.

You can see the photos of the latest works at the following Facebook link :
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