Introduction :

People living in different parts of Pakistan lack basic amenities of life and live in poverty and pain. Due to lack of resources and backwardness they lack collective thinking and have not been able to cater for basic needs by joining local resourced for collective good of the society. Everybody keeps looking towards successive governments for development works -- that do not come.

"Pravalli Welfare Trust" has undertaken to instill habit of "self - help" in the people by helping them to indicate, organize & execute development works on their own. Pravalli helps them financially by providing them with 70-100 % funds depending on the financial outlay. Pravalli means, Brotherhood in local language of Rawalpindi and Abbottabad. Our area of works is extended from district Abbottabad, Haripur in KPK Province to Sindh and Baluchistan Provinces.


Pravalli welfare trust is registered trust that was established in year 2000. Cost of our different programs is as under:

1. Water Supply schemes.

We have completed 2932 water schemes till now

The Big Pumps cost differently in different areas.


2. Schools in Thar.

There are vast stretches in Rural Sind where children have no schools to go in 8/10 Km radius. At places school buildings are available but teachers have not been provided.

The Cost of starting school will be Rs.12,000 per month to educate 40 to 50 students there. We have already opened 16 schools in Thar and 13 in Baluchistan to impart education to these poor children whose many generations have been illiterate. This generation will also be left uneducated if we do not get into action. We dedicate each school in the name of a donor with whose support school is run for at least one year. Cost is Rs 144,000 per year which is the pay of teachers. We pay teacher Rs 12,000 per month.

3. Agriculture with the help of solar Pumps

At times there are no rains for 2 or 3 years at a stretch. People have to pass through great ordeals and difficulties due to drought that causes widespread famine both for humans and animals. With the help of a solar pump we can fetch underground water from 100 to 130 feet and irrigate 2/ 3 Acre of land. We have already made 262 such agriculture farms so far. This will encourage locals and other NGOs to do likewise and change the life of the poor neglected population there. For depth of 130 feet depth it will cost 170,000.

4. Directly Support a Widow

Our adoption of a widow and her children for the education program, الحمد للہ has got a very good response. Till today 130 widows have started receiving help directly to their bank accounts by donors. Proposed Monthly help can be Rs. 10000 per month or more. Our role is only indicating the deserving family and then we will be out of it. You can directly talk to them and meet them when you find time. Any friend desirous of this arrangement should let us know. We will send all needed particulars and we will be responsible for indicating the really deserving families.

5. Goats for widows/ Poor

We give goats to widows and poor families to sustain themselves. In our 2+2 scheme Two goats with two child goats are given to each family at a cost of Rs. 46,000. Till now 2819 goats were give.

6. Marriage of poor orphan Girl

We give max up to Rs. 30,000 to each girl. Till now 746 girls were helped.

7. Ramzan package for widows in Ramzan.

Provision of cash Rs. 10,000 to each family to buy commodities according to their own needs. Every year more than 2000 widows are helped.

8. Trees Plantation

Fruit trees at the doorstep of farmers for Rs. 100 per fruit tree and Rs 30 for non fruit trees. Till now 10,710 fruit/ other trees have been distributed/ planted.

9. Roshan Thar Scheme

To illuminate houses (Huts made of straws)with solar electricity in Thar Desert area. It costs Rs 18,000. Till now 1174 houses have been provided solar electricity.

10. Wheel chair / Tricycle for invalids and old men and women

Wheel chair / Tricycle for invalids and old men and women. Wheel chair cost Rs.16,000 and tricycle Rs 16,000. Distributed 632 so far.

11. Sewing Machine for widows and orphans

Sewing Machine for widows and orphans. Rs 14,000. We distributed 512 so far.

You can see the photos of the latest works at the following Facebook link:

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